As of August 27th, 2018, WisconsinSupperClubs.net was purchased by Ron Faiola, filmmaker, author, and photographer of the popular Wisconsin Supper Club books and PBS documentary. Site updates are underway, including the list and map of supper clubs around the state.

What is a Wisconsin Supper Club?

Drive along Wisconsin’s backroads and byways and you’re sure to run across a unique Wisconsin Supper Club.  The original Wisconsin Supper Clubs may have started  in the 1920’s as Prohibition roadhouses where gangsters stopped while moving moonshine. After Prohibition was repealed in 1933, liquor licenses were first granted to establishments outside city limits that served food, thus giving birth to the supper club.

Today’s Supper Clubs are a true gem in the landscape of Wisconsin’s dining culture.  Wisconsin Supper Clubs must be savored, cherished, explored and passed down to the next generation.  This website is dedicated to showcasing and highlighting Wisconsin’s unique dining treasure – The Wisconsin Supper Club.

Wisconsin Supper Club Documentary by Ron Faiola


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