Who We Are

Wisconsin Supper Clubs, Inc. is a Wisconsin non-profit corporation founded to promote Wisconsin Supper Clubs. Supper Clubs are a true gem in the landscape of Wisconsin’s dining culture and we believe that they must be savored, cherished, explored and passed down to the next generation. This organization is dedicated to promoting, preserving, showcasing and highlighting Wisconsin’s unique dining treasure – The Wisconsin Supper Club.

Advocating for Wisconsin Supper Clubs

For the first time a cohesive story will be told about all of Wisconsin’s 300 supper clubs. And for the first time, a concerted marketing effort is being launched to help tell that story.

Rack cards promoting Wisconsin Supper Clubs will now be available at all Wisconsin Visitor Centers, so visitors to Wisconsin will know more about them and how to find them.  Social Media pages promoting Wisconsin Suppers Clubs –  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, connect with people on all levels.


Wisconsin Supper Clubs Inc. is seeking sponsors to assist with the associated costs of the marketing efforts. If you are interested in seeing your brand aligned with Wisconsin Supper Clubs, please contact Therese Oldenburg, 608-931-6895 or send email below.


Wisconsin Supper Clubs Inc. is currently not operating as an association of WI Supper Clubs. We see the value in bringing all owners together as one voice and will be looking to form an association in the future.

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