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by Heather Janes on Wisconsin Supper Clubs

You're going to love the Avenue Lounge & Supper Club, one of Wausau's best kept secrets! Between Jim's choice of music - post WWII, (Jim is one of the last of the few alive who parachuted into Normandy), so ease into the comfort of Sinatra and Swing and Jim's cozy bar while you wait for your reserved table - dressed in white cloth with jigsaw puzzles Frannie completed & framed - these framed gems were pointed out to me because I was in awe of the exquisite and cozy, intimate but joyful atmosphere. There's a sense of community in the air at the Avenue, but I've left the best for last... Annette is the Chef who prepares a range of Entrees in an atmosphere that can't be beat. If you like the old time cozy Supper Club Wisconsin is known for be sure to call for your table at the Avenue Lounge & Supper Club on Grand Avenue - Limited Hours 😉

by Anita Jagodzinski on Wisconsin Supper Clubs
Stone's Throw - what a gem!!

My husband and I are always looking for good supper clubs here in Wisconsin, so we made a reservation and drove an hour to the Stone's Throw. When we arrived, we were greeted in the bar and then entered the dining room, where we were greeted again by the owner and quickly seated by our waitress. I must say that I was impressed right away with the way the staff made contact with us. We were made to feel welcomed and important. The waitress took our drink order after telling us the specials, and when she returned with the drinks (Old Fashioned for him, diet Coke for me) she took our appetizer and food orders. About 5 minutes later, she returned with ENORMOUS baskets of the batter fried mushrooms and onion strings we'd ordered. They were incredible - served with homemade ranch dressing for dipping, piping hot, crispy, just perfect. But the amount of them in the baskets was unbelievable! For $6.99, I easily had 40 mushrooms in the basket, and the onion strings were piled up in their basket, too. We were also served a warm loaf of what I believe was whole wheat bread, nice and chewy. Salads came with our dinners, and my husband had the spinach salad with warm bacon dressing which he said was very good. I had the house salad with homemade ranch dressing. It, just like the rest of the meal so far, was perfect. My salad was served on a ice cold plate and the lettuce was crisp and cold, just as it should be. Just as we finished our salads and had made our way through about a fourth of our appetizers, our entrees came out. We had both ordered the 12 ounce prime rib for $23.99. Mine was perfectly medium rare, just as I ordered. My husband had ordered the end cut, and you would not believe the size of it. There had to have been at least a pound and a half of meat there! It was "Flintstone-sized", just enormous! The waitress told us that Tim (owner and cook) always cuts the prime rib generously, especially the end cut. No kidding, we thought. With our dinners we had wild rice (him) and baked potato (me). The rice was good. My baked potato was just how it should always be served in a restaurant but usually isn't: without foil wrapping and very crisp skin. Most places bake it in that ridiculous foil that steams the potato instead of baking it and making the skin crisp, but not Stone's Throw. They got it right. At the end of our meal, we had barely managed to eat half of it because the portions were so huge! The owner, Lana, gathered some of the staff around and they sang a variation of Happy Birthday to me, then brought us homemade cheesecake with a raspberry drizzle. Scrumptious. The owners both made their way through the dining room several times during our meal and checked with each table to see how everything was. THAT is crazy good customer service! I can't tell you how much this place impresssed us! If only every restaurant could get it right like the Stone's Throw has. Impeccable customer service. Fantastic food at a fair price (our total bill was $72.00). Nice, inviting atmosphere. I wish we lived closer, but I have a feeling we're going to be putting plenty of miles on the car in the future visiting this gem.

by Cindy Folts on Wisconsin Supper Clubs
Hayward's best supper club

This is your good ol' fashioned supper club from the drinks to the food. The old fashioned was text book. It's exactly the way I want an old fashioned to taste (I had two just to be sure and the second was as good as the first!) The relish tray was so good: a small bowl with a scoop of soft cheddar cheese spread, a small bowl of olive relish, a small bowl of crackers then other vegetables on the tray to dip with. The salads were so good. I had the garden saiad and my husband had the ceaser salad. Both were delicious (and salads don't usually impress us, but these did). We each got a roll that was soft and warm and so good. These were definitely home made with a touch of sweetness. Then the main event. I had the veal chop (each night veal is done a different way). I wasn't sure I would be able to eat all of it since I already had so many good things, but oh my, it was so good I ate the whole thing. It was prepared medium rare just like I ordered. It came with a wild mushroom sauce and I ordered the wild rice. Wow! It was so tasty and tender. My husband had the halibut which he enjoyed and the rustic mashed potatoes were really good. We saw the desserts and they looked big and delicious. But we just didn't have room. Also, the service was exceptional. If you want a delicious, memorable meal when you are around Hayward stop in at the Tally Ho. We drove 30 miles and it was well worth it. And on the drive over on 77 you just might spot an elk!

The Edgewater Supper Club

The food here is some of the best I have had at a supper club. Steak, burgers, fish,all of the above great quality and flavor. Smaller place but has a great atmosphere, great people, and great drinks. This place should be on your supper club tour!

The Nightingale

Wonderful,friendly club. Early bird drink specials every week night,and Thursday night prime rib special excellent!

by Linda S Hempel on Wisconsin Supper Clubs
North Woods Best

This was included in Ron Fiola's book because it epitomizes the true northern Wisconsin Supper Club as I remember it as a child. The restaurant sits a midst giant pines and overlooks Lake Sissabagama. The tarbender Paul was friendly and knows that you must muddle making a brandy old fashion! Appetizers included "to die for" blackened scallops and blackened tuna. Among our party of four-the pork ribs and prime ribs were the favorite entrees followed closely by two pasta dishes. Although dinner lacked a relish tray the fry bread made us forget the omission!! Check out my other reviews as I tour the state in pursuit of the holy grail of supper clubs. I will not rest until I have visited those highlighted in Ron's book.

Food made with lots of love

This restaurant has mouthwatering stakes, lobsters, chicken and more. The soups are all homemade! It's also the home of the Hanover Haystack. Come check it out soon! It's worth the trip!

by Marty Densch on Wisconsin Supper Clubs
The 615 Club, Beloit, WI

If you venture north through Wisconsin in search of supper clubs the first one you will come across, just yards from the Illinois state line, would be the 615 Club in Beloit. Do yourself a big favor and stop in.
Its name refers to its address, 615 Broad Street, and it has operated almost continuously since the 1930s. Legend has it that during Prohibition it was a speakeasy with a brothel upstairs.
Today it is one of the finest dining establishments in the area serving up very traditional supper club fare. The menu is fairly basic, focusing mostly on steaks and seafood, but like any good supper club, you get more than you pay for. (Prices, by the way, are quite moderate.) Entrees include salad, soup, potatoes or vegetables and, of course, a relish tray to start. Oh, and your basket of rolls will include a cinnamon roll for each person in your party. You can choose from a nice selection of appetizers and desserts – if you have room.
Always ask about the nightly features because the 615's talented chef loves to try out new ideas and you will never go wrong ordering one.
The full service bar offers top shelf labels and I'm told that the Brandy Old Fashioneds are as good as you'll get anywhere. The 615 also has a surprisingly sophisticated selection of wines with new ones added frequently.
The 615 is located in an old house so the dining is quite intimate. An addition that was built two years ago expanded the seating capacity without disturbing the cozy nature of the restaurant. The food is top notch as is the service. Plan on lingering over your dinner because you won't be in a hurry to leave. It's that good.

by amber broome on Wisconsin Supper Clubs

All time favorite. Best, most delicious melt in your mouth food! Great prices and amazing service. The staff there makes you feel very welcome and will go out of their way to please all of their customers!

Mark's East Side

When my wife and I were first dating and without kids, we loved to go Supper Club searching. We considered ourselves future Supper Club Junkies. As a kid I would occasionally venture to Mark's so I was vaguely familiar with the place. What seemed a bit odd and a small amount of foreshadowing was that it started out every other week we would go back to Mark's. Then it became every week, then it sometimes became twice a week. We were no longer going to other places on a regular basis and started even recommending events to happen at Mark's. While I don't recommend a person eats out that much; there were so many great options to choose from to eat, the drinks were always fantastic and the staff at Mark's was easily the best in any restaurant I have ever been in. Kudos to Mark, Rhoda and the entire staff at Mark's East Side

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