Supper Clubs: One reason this Tennessee girls loves Wisconsin

From Edible Door, by Melissa Corbin

Raised to love the land and embrace my community, I started a local food-consulting business in 2012, Corbin In The Dell (CITD), when Nashville’s food scene exploded in Tennessee. Out of necessity, I began to write about the people I came to know. Partially due to the lack of a marketing budget, but mostly because I longed for a brighter future for our food. On my first visit to Wisconsin, you can only imagine my delight. Farmland as far as the eye can see, and some of the most genuine people on the planet.

Then I discovered the Wisconsin supper club. It’s a perfect example of why I fell in love with Wisconsinites. Dinner is something you eat around the noontime hour.

Supper? It isn’t supper without everyone’s feet under the table and plates piled high. There’s something wonderfully communal about supper that its snooty cousin “dinner” just can’t muster.

Y’all work hard, play even harder, and when it’s time to eat, there’s no excuse for leaving the table hungry. Before we start loosening our belts, I must address cocktail hour. This isn’t just happy hour. There’s no quick snort of bourbon, before heading home. This crucial hour sets the stage for an evening of remarkable food, delicious conversation and creating memories with both old and new friends.

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