What mysterious painting was hidden in this supper club for years?

Five O Clock Supper Clu

The Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee has been hiding a secret for many years behind it’s walls.

During preparations for celebrating the Five O’Clock Steakhouse’s 70th year, an old photograph surfaced that showed a mysterious and provocative painting on the wall in the establishment.

Five O Clock Supper Clu

Jeanne and Ambrose Ricci in 1945

In 1945 Jeanne and Ambrose Ricci held their wedding reception at the Five O’Clock Club and they posed in front of it for a photograph.

The painting, which shows a nude female figure with its arms around the neck of a black winged horse had long been rumored to be hidden behind the mirrors on the walls of Five O’Clock bar. When the photo was taken in 1945 the establishment was a popular corner tavern and wasn’t converted to a steakhouse until 1946.

This past year Stelio Kalkounos, Managing Partner of Five O’Clock Steakhouse, was able to uncover and professionally restore the mural that was hidden for years by mirrors. The fully restored mural is now visible for patrons to view, ponder, and perhaps take their own “selfie” with the mysterious painted beauty. A video of a recent Fox6 news story about the painting and its discovery is at the bottom of this article.

Find more history at The Alley Cat Lounge

Five O Clock Supper CluWhat’s new, Pussycat? What’s old is new again at the Alley Cat Lounge.

A popular luxury piano bar and lounge in the 1940’s, Coerper’s Five O’Clock Club once attracted Milwaukee’s elite to its swanky Alley Cat Lounge for nightly entertainment and cocktails served by attractive ladies called “Kittens”. A buzzer, still visible near the back alley entrance, gained patrons discreet entry into the sleek nightclub. Some of those patrons (who wished to be un-named) purposely chose to avoid the general public & diners downstairs so they could indulge in some of their favorite activities.

Today the historic Alley Cat Lounge has been re-invented into the most unique private event space and one of the hottest jazz, blues and rock venues in Milwaukee, attracting top local and national acts. The Alley Cat Lounge features private dining Tuesday–Saturday and live music every Friday starting at 8pm.

Five O Clock Supper CluFive O’ Clock Steakhouse, formerly Coerper’s Five O’ Clock Club, has been a family-owned and independently operated Milwaukee supper club since 1946. Five O’Clock specializes in serving the finest steaks and seafood paired with a notable wine list, classic cocktails, as well as outstanding, personalized service. The Alley Cat Lounge at Five O’Clock Steakhouse features Milwaukee’s best free live music, classic cocktails and a 1940’s retro-lounge ambiance.

Five O’Clock will be featured in Ron Faiola’s next Supper Club book, “Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Another Round”.  It has been named “One of America’s Best Steakhouses” by TV host Rachael Ray and The Travel Channel’s “Steak Paradise 3”. The Five O’Clock was also voted “Best Steakhouse in Milwaukee” and “Best Supper Club” by Shepherd Express.

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Watch a video of a recent Fox6 news story about the painting and its discovery

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