Here’s something to savor: Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook

Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook Mary BerginHave you always wanted that secret recipe from your favorite Wisconsin Supper Club? Now you can cook up something special from Wisconsin with “Wisconsin Supper Cookbook” by travel writer Mary Bergin. This book is hot off the press and makes a great gift for the cook or Wisconsin Supper Club lover in your life. See other Supper Club and cocktail related items on our Amazon powered shop page. Get A Copy Now!

Book review by  Michael Stern,

“While supper clubs are little-known in much of the country, they thrive in the upper Midwest, a fact proven in Mary Bergin’s Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook. Here are recipes for hearty food and stout drinks along with vivid descriptions of the supper-club dining experience, including Friday fish fries and Saturday prime rib as well as old-fashioned cocktails and after-dinner ice-cream libations. For those of us who prize culinary tradition, the charm of this book goes beyond enticing recipes. Mary Bergin has created a glorious tribute to a uniquely American way of going out to eat. “

About The Author

 “Midwest travel, regional foods, German heritage and environmental sustainability are Mary Bergin’s writing specialties. The lifelong professional journalist boasts decades of newspaper work as an editor and reporter. Her weekly, syndicated and award winning “Roads Traveled” columns began in 2002. The Chicago Tribune frequently publishes Mary’s work in its travel section. Wisconsin Public Radio counts her among its travel experts. Her freelance work is a featured case study in the college textbook Travel Journalism: On the Road with Serious Intent by Professor John Greenman at the University of Georgia. The Wisconsin native lives in Madison. The Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook is her fifth book. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and Midwest Travel Writers Association. Learn more about her at

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